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A Different Joy: The Parents' Guide to Living Better with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and More ...

Fed up of feeling lost and alone? Want help and support for your child's needs, your family and you as a parent? Struggling with their school and friends? This book helps find what really will work.


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'A Different Joy' will help you to support your child better and help them to grow, whether you are:

'A Different Joy' is loved by autistic people, parents and professionals

"As a parent, teacher and SEND advocate this is a great book. I recognised my kids in it & hearing that I'm not alone is always good."

"Warm-hearted book for parents of newly diagnosed autistic children with plenty of sensible advice"

"Wish this book had been around when my 2 were first diagnosed. What a lovely title!

"It is a very, very good read, with a warm, informal, personal tone and a solid professional base. I just wish I had read this when I was Home Start volunteer to a distressed mother with two demanding under 5s. I'll send a link to her straight away!"

“If ever there was a truer sentence than this, I can’t think of it, “People are never a simple proposition, we are a complex, messy combination of the genes we were given, what happened to us in our lives from conception onwards and our experiences – all of which combine to make us the people we are.” Life is messy. Art is messy. Science is messy, and the surest way to make God laugh is to tell him our plans – because heavens are THEY messy! Sarah-Jane Critchley’s ‘A Different Joy’ asks “whomever said there were boxes into which we SHOULD fit anyway?”, offering both practical and personal resilience for turning messy into ‘mess-tastic.’

"In this wonderfully positive and insightful book, Sarah-Jane Critchley looks in depth at issues that parents of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) face, Unlike other books which can be overly academic and impenetrable, this book is full of real life examples and practical advice. As a parent of children with SEN herself, Sarah-Jane is a very credible guide through the complicated world of special needs, She isn't just a professional in the field, she has lived it. Here she shares lessons learned and strategies that have helped in a way that helps and supports but never preaches or patronises. What is comforting about this book is that takes the emphasis of trying to be a 'perfect parent'. Bringing up a child with special needs is often trial and error, and sarah-Jane is refreshingly honest about strategies and approaches that have worked for her as well as outlining times when things haven't worked out. I know a lot of parents will take great comfort from this. This book would be an excellent starting point for any parent entering the world of SEN. By the time you get to the last page, I'm sure you will feel informed, inspired and well equipped to continue to meet your unique young person's needs. Because after all, parenting a child with special needs may be complex, but it's also incredibly rewarding."

As a small package can contain a very valuable present, this is a small book that contains valuable information for parents. The descriptions, explanations and strategies are clear and perceptive such that this is the 'go to' book for parents and grandparents. I especially appreciated the positive attitude and emphasis on the abilities and qualities of children who have autism."

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